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    Ground rents purchased across Britain. Ground rents with short leases wanted

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    We offer the highest prices for ground rents with short leases under 80 years

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    We can buy your ground rents very quickly. 7 day completions possible.

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Freehold Ground Rents Wanted Across Britain

If you have ground rents for sale why not call the experts.

Ground Rent   Valuations 


We can help you with the sale of your ground rent investments. We are ground rent buyers and urgently require ground rents of all descriptions. If you are selling a property where the leases are under 80 years we can offer you a free valuation and the possibility of a quick completion

We also require leases of 99 years and 125 year leases. We also require blocks with or without management and insurance. If you require help with section 5 notices please get in touch. As part of our sales processing we can serve section 5 notices for you on the leaseholders.

We are not reliant on any financial institution for funding and so do not need to have any surveys carried out on your blocks. We are looking to buy large portfolios of ground rents and small blocks anywhere across Britain. Let us buy your ground rents from you and we can deal with any queries that your leaseholders may have.

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Why work with us?


Ground Rent Buyers

  • Hassle Free Guaranteed Fast Sales
  • We can deal with your leaseholders
  • Wanted with/without management

We are one of the largest ground rent buyers in the UK

  • Cash funds available for immediate completions
  • We can also serve section 5 notices on your behalf
  • Send your property over to us and we will do the rest!
We have been buying freehold ground rents for over 30 years and have an enviable reputation in the industry for our ability to move quickly when an opportunity presents itself. Sell your ground rents to the experts. call us today

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